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Social selling allows you to be present during the critical first half of the buyer journey – as you position who you help, how you help and why it matters. Now.

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You’re at the beginning of your social journey and you have lots of questions. 

It’s no secret. LinkedIn measures your social selling efforts. Knowing how to configure your LinkedIn profile is the first step towards creating more awareness and engagement with your customers, prospects and influencers. This is where a little extra work produces a big payoff.

We have the answers and the formulas to help you boost your score, and it all starts with JGC’s LinkedIn Profile Scorecard™.

Use JGC’s LinkedIn Profile Scorecard to ensure:

Your Profile checks all the boxes

Your settings are optimized

You have shareable, relevant content

You’re ready for social selling success

Check all the boxes and ride the wave of social selling success!

BONUS: Includes the Anatomy of a LinkedIn Profile

Here’s where we break it all down for you, mapping each part of the scorecard directly to the LinkedIn profile. No more wondering “where will I find that?” or “how do I get there?”.